Why the REVO difference?

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Cell packing difference?

Support difference?

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At REVOBlends we have invested in the latest technology coating line for lithium active material. SPRAY coating, unlike conventional film coating gives us the thinnest layers of ACTIVE material.  

What does this mean???

Well it means thinner more consistant coatings of the positve and negartive active material which in turn means: -


1. Shorter distances for LithiumION transfer = higher  C rates with less heating

2. More even distribution of LithiumION transfer from positive to negative plates = longer life time

Most RC battery companies use AC 1.0kHz frequency IR measurement of internal resistance of cells.  After years of research we have discovered that for RC high rate applications, AC IR measuremernts are irrelevent.  Also you can't confirm this data on any of your RC Hobby chargers as they measure DC IR.


We have moved to a DCIR test on cells which is more in line with RC Hobby applications, that is high rate.  The numbers of which we publsih so you can check against them.


Process Improvements:


1. 45 day cell manufacturing process with double aging.  Aging is the only way to detect true cell quality.


2. DC IR cell matching at assembly of cells so your pack is matched according to our DC IR limits


At REVOBlends we include a 3rd aging process at the time of assembly. Once the matched DC IR cells are packed, we wait a few days to see IF the heat used in soldering the silicon wires has had any effect on the cell.  We again measure individial cell IR and pack IR and refer back to our standards.


The equipment we use for DC IR measurements is wholely made by REVOLECTRIX just for this purpose. We believe no one else in the RC Industry follows this process.  Thus every pack, every cell you buy is within the DC IR specification we publish and stand by.

At REVOBlends you are in contact with the cell and pack designers. So any questions you have are directly answered by the guys who make your packs.

With 20 years experience in high C rate lithium applicatons, we believe you'll have the best technical support on your packs at REVOBlends.

HV difference?

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You may be asking with HV series for RC Hobby?


Much like iPhone and Galaxy who are already using HV lithium one gains the following:


1. With higher full charge voltage you get more power

2. With higher capacity you get longer play time and more power at the end of your run

3. With Lower IR you get longer pack life


Examples of such advantages are available on the references pages

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